Become a Master of the 3rd Dimension by learning to computer aided design, manufacturing, and 3D printing!


The Masters of the 3rd Dimension are an elite group of individuals who use additive manufacturing technology to solve problems, improve their world, and help others. Each Master of the 3rd is given intense training so they learn every aspect of how additive manufacturing technology works and how it applies to the world around them.


The Mot3D curriculum will primarily consist of three illustrated work books and three comic books. The first three workbooks will be a standalone resource that can be assigned to students who want to specialize in different areas of 3D printing. The three comic book style mission books will be supplemental reinforcement material that adds to the information found in the three training workbooks. The mission comic books can be studied by an individual who has studied all three team trainings, by a small group of specialists, or as a whole classroom.